Bushwalking in the Alpine National Park – Bon Accord Spur Track

Despite moving to Harrietville in North East Victoria several months ago, I have finally decided to make the most of living in such an untouched natural environment by tackling some of the many magnificent bushwalks in the region.

Bushwalking provides a fantastic opportunity to connect with the natural environment whilst keeping fit and healthy.

There is something magical about being in the bush and hearing only the wind blowing in the trees and the sound of skinks scurrying across the ground. It is an escape from the many distractions of daily life and really makes you appreciate nature’s beauty.

This morning I went for a walk along the Bon Accord Spur Track which goes from Harrietville up to the peaks of Mt Hotham. Although I only did a fraction of the 24km track, I was amazed by the diversity of life that I encountered including several species of birds, lizards, butterflies, ants and other insects.

Below are some photos from this morning’s adventures.

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