Gardening: A Fresh Perspective

As the cooler weather begins to take hold, the garden is starting to look a bit chaotic and wild.

Because we have decided to let a lot of the summer crop go to seed (to be collected and saved), from a distance everything looks a bit old and overgrown and unkempt.

However, it is a different story if you zoom in a bit.

There are strawberries popping up in the undergrowth of pumpkin leaves and bees collecting pollen on the flowers of vegetables that are being left to seed. The herbs are thriving and the tomatoes continue to provide an abundance of fruit.

There is an array of colours and textures to be experienced if only one remembers to always look at things through different perspectives.

Like life, gardens are not meant to be perfect. They are tools for learning, growing, creating, preserving and producing. They are a lived experience.

Sometimes they are messy and difficult to maintain and sometimes they are beautiful, abundant and productive.

For me, a good garden is made up of a serious of living organisms and organic matter all interacting in a mutually beneficial way.

This is the essence of life.

Here are some close up photos that I took earlier today:









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