Nature’s Endless Inspiration for a Photo Enthusiast

Recently I have been attempting to throw myself back into photography.

Capturing images, moments and events has always been an interest of mine however, I lost track of the hobby for some years and am now just edging myself back in to it. There is something incredible about being able to capture a moment in time and as the saying goes a picture often is  worth a thousand words!

With nature providing endless inspiration, I hope to someday use my photos to create a positive environmental impact via the educational properties of photography.

As my photography skills develop (I am very much still an amateur) I intend to use my images to demonstrate what is at stake if we as a society fail to address the urgent environmental issues that we face including climate change, deforestation, a decline in native bee populations and reduced biodiversity.

Below are some photos I have taken over the last few days. I am constantly amazed by the stunning diversity evident in nature and this is something we need to preserve for future generations and for the sake of the earths vibrant ecosystem.




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