Hiking the Bungalow Spur Track

In light of the amazing weather we have been experiencing over the past few days in North East Victoria. I had no excuses not to get out and enjoy it. This included a partial hike up the breathtaking Bungalow Spur Track at the Base of Mt. Feathertop.

The Bungalow Spur Track is the one of the most popular walking tracks around Harrietville and is well graded for the most part. Nearing the intersection with the Razorback walking track, Federation Hut provides emergency shelter, toilets and camping sites.

The lower part of the track (which I walked this morning) is a fantastic way to see some of the local flora and fauna including a variety of trees and ferns, birds, kangaroos and wallaby’s and flowers. As you continue up the mountain, these are replaced with stunning snow gums and Alpine grasses.

I urge everyone to get out and explore the natural world around them. Walking is not only good for the body but also for the mind. Whether its the bush or the beach, the opportunities are endless.


Country Australian humour  (I hope)!



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