Harrietville Climate Mobilisation: 21st September 2014!


This morning, roughly 40 – 50 people from Harrietville and the surrounding area rallied to show support for the global ‘People’s Climate March’. This was a fantastic turn out for a small rural town in North East Victoria and goes to show that climate change is a unifying issue that is capable of bringing people together, not just dividing them.

As world leaders gather for a historic climate summit in New York, people from around the globe are gathering to demand that their leaders take strong, decisive action and focus on more than just economic gains and political point scoring.

This weekend, over 2700 events are happening across the world in what has been labelled the “biggest global call-to-action on climate change in history”.   This is a huge show of  solidarity and will hopefully pave the way for renewed action on the issue.

From Harrietville to London to Istanbul and Beijing to Melbourne people are standing up for an issue that is both our greatest challenge and our greatest opportunity.

If we can harness the energy and enthusiasm generated by this event, we have a real shot in mitigating the effects of climate change and creating a better future for the generations to come.




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