The Bee Book: Beekeeping in Australia (Book Review)

An oldie but a goodie, today I will be reviewing Peter Warhurst & Roger Goebel’s Second Edition of The Bee Book: Beekeeping in Australia which was released in 2005.

Bee Book

For budding beekeepers such as myself and my fiancé, this book has been instrumental in assisting us in our efforts to set up a few hives in North East Victoria over the last few years.

Warhurst and Goebel provide detailed information on the entire process of beekeeping from acquiring or building a hive, to extracting honey and hive maintenance.

In addition to describing in great detail the process of beekeeping, the authors also demonstrate a wealth of knowledge regarding the needs and functions of bees and their unique place within the earths ecosystem.

Bees are incredible insects which serve to pollinate various plant species. In fact there are multiple plants which would not survive if not for the bees. As well as this, honey is the only type of food that is consumed by humans that includes all of the substances necessary to sustain life!

The Bee Book is clearly structured and contains useful images, diagrams and charts in order for the reader to visualise the many steps involved in keeping bees.

As well as this, Warhurst and Goebel also include an interesting section on native Australian bees and a detailed glossary.

I would recommend The Bee Book: Beekeeping in Australia to anyone who is looking at keeping bees on a small to medium scale as well as those who are simply interested in learning more about these fantastic creatures and the art of beekeeping.

Overall, a massive thumbs up for this book!

Reference Details: Warhurst, P and Goebel, R. (2005) The Bee Book: Beekeeping in Australia, National Library of Australia Cataloguing, Brisbane, Australia


My fiancé Nathan inspecting his brood. We built these hives from scratch with wooden offcuts and purchased the beeswax frames from Beechworth Honey in, North East Victoria.

Bee nath

A close up of the bees and their honeycomb in one of our hives in King Valley, Victoria. 2014


I captured these shots last year of bees in action collecting pollen to return to the hive.






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