A Photographic Journey Through My Garden

Yesterday, I took these photos of my garden, spending time to observe the various patterns that were occurring as well as the life, the mess and the diversity.

My garden is not an overly big space, however I am constantly amazed by the array of diverse organisms that inhabit it. Some of which I have specifically planted, and many which just seem to crop up out of nowhere.

The more time I spent in my little garden space, the more I realise that I am part of the garden and that it is growing me as much if not more than I am growing it.

As the permaculturist and author of Edible Forest Gardens Dave Jacke writes, ‘…we must not only place all of ourselves back into the garden, and our gardens back into nature, we must also welcome nature back into ourselves’.




All photos taken 19.01.15



  1. Your garden is making me antsy for my big move onto 5 Acres this year! I’ve been making due with balcony gardening for the past three years, but I’ve had chickens and bees calling my name for a while now 😉

    1. I would love to live on 5 acres someday! At the moment we are just renting so the chook shed, bees and veg garden are all portable for when we finally aquire some land 🙂

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