Visiting Castlemaine and Yandoit Farm: Keyline Design and Broad Acre Permaculture.

On Friday I had the opportunity to visit the beautiful and proactive town of Castlemaine  in Central Victoria as well as the large scale permaculture property, Yandoit Farm.

I was lucky enough to be tagging along with a group of motivated students who were in the process of completing their Permaculture Design Course (PDC) through the Castlemaine Community House, facilitated by Ian Lillington.

After briefly discussing the concept of fire risk and designing for disaster, we headed out to Yandoit to Michael and Lisa Jackson’s farm which at roughly 140 acres, is incredibly large for a permaculture site.

Upon being warmly greeted by Michael, we were shown the development of the farm which has taken place over the last 18th months with a focus on Keyline Design and Regenerative Agroforestry.

Despite the fact that the farm is only part way into the design and implementation phase, the transformation of the land was already evident and the potential for this broad acre property is phenomenal.

An enormous  thank you to Ian Lillington, Michael Jackson and the crew at Yandoit farm for a fantastic and informative day of learning and networking.


The Keyline system of design and land management was developed by the revolutionary Australian P. A Yeomans in the 1950s as a method of retaining and restoring soil health and efficiently and effectively moving water across the landscape.

For a detailed description of Keyline Design see:


Here are some photos I took on Friday. Enjoy!









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