My Abstract Response to Last Night’s Federal Budget: An Alternative to the Dominance of Money


With all this talk of last night’s budget (whether you agree with it or not) I was compelled to write something that fly’s in the face of the general discussion regarding who were the ‘winners and losers’.

Firstly, it concerns but doesn’t surprise me that the absolute priority of most people in power (regardless of their political persuasion) is the growth of our economy.

What about growing our collective happiness, our (non-material) abundance and the preservation of the earth’s natural capital (the planet which we all stand on)?

It saddens me deeply that money is such a pervasive aspect of our lives (yes, mine included).

But does this have to be so? There are many ways in which we can (individually and collectively) begin to break free from the hold that money has over our lives.

It begins with small steps. Patch up that old sweater before buying a new one. Borrow a neighbour’s lawn mower instead of insisting on owning one yourself.

Gardening, and growing food is one of the most successful and rewarding ways to lessen your dependence on the wider monetary economy.  There is a saying that growing food is like printing your own money. But it is even better than this, growing (and learning to preserve) food is like withdrawing the need for money altogether.

Finally, If we all make a conscious effort to learn practical skills of self-reliance whilst also building up our social capital and community connections, I believe that we can go a long way in making the future a happier, more equitable and less money hungry place.

After all, when it comes down to it, you can’t eat money.

Am I just naïve? Maybe.







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