May Mushroom Madness: A Delight for Foragers and Photographers Alike

At this time of year, the woods in North East Victoria are bursting with various types of mushrooms and fungi waiting to be foraged, eaten, admired and photographed.

Mushrooms are one of my favourite photographic subjects and are also delicious and extremely good for you and the surrounding ecosystem. What’s not to love!

Today, as I was lurking in the forest in the rain taking photos (which is a regular occurrence for me) I came across several edible species of mushroom including the Saffron Milkcap and the Slippery Jack (not pictured). As I was armed only with my camera and considering the pouring rain, I didn’t return home with any foraged goods. However, I am resolved to go back at some stage over the next few days and take advantage of this fleeting and bountiful harvest. I love autumn!

Here are some photos of a few of the non-edible species that I came across this afternoon.





    1. Yes, some species are deadly poisonous. It’s advisable not to eat any that you are unsure about. A mushroom identification book would come in handy, but I was told by a friend which are edible and which aren’t. There are also foraging workshops and courses on mushroom identification.

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