My List of 100 Dreams


After reading other bloggers doing a similar thing, I thought I would compile my own list of 100 dreams which is essentially a bucket list but longer and more personal.

I have roughly grouped the list according to travel dreams followed by personal goals, health and career plans and finally others ideas that come to mind.

This list is not in order and I do not expect to achieve everything on it.  It is merely an expression of my hopes and dreams and is there for me to refer back to at times when I am feeling lost. Some things on the list are very specific, some are broad.

It was actually surprisingly hard for me to reach the 100 mark, however, this was a valuable exercise in goal setting and introspection. I urge you all to try it!

Here is my list…

  1. Explore India and soak up the culture. Embrace the feared and unknown.
  2. Trek in the Himalayas.
  3. Travel to Turkey, Greece, Croatia and Italy and see remnants of ancient empires.
  4. Visit Vatican City – Marvel at the art, architecture, wonders and contradictions of the Catholic Church.
  5. Visit German castles, the Berlin wall and Nazi concentration camps; a testament to human evil and human strength and resilience.
  6. Visit Egypt, Jordan and Morocco. Pyramids, Petra, Marrakesh and Fez!
  7. Do a round trip of Australia. Dive in the Great Barrier Reef. Reconnect with the lands that I grew up in.
  8. Travel throughout Central and South America. Mexico, Cuba, Peru, Brazil – Explore the Amazon and Inca / Aztec culture and ruins.
  9. Take Nathan to China and revisit the Great Wall.
  10. Travel the old Silk Road trail.
  11. Travel through Russia and Siberia (In Summer).
  12. Do some WWOOFing.
  13. Return to Kiribati – Teach a permaculture workshop.
  14. Take Mum, Dad and Merinda overseas. Introduce them to new cultures, foods and experiences.
  15. Go to Thailand. Eat delicious food, visit hill tribes and visit my sister in law’s home town.
  16. Travel with my (future) children. For at least 6 months.
  17. Practice wildlife photography in Africa.
  18. Travel solo.
  19. Own (occupy) land without owing to banks, large corporations or selling out.
  20. Build a house from scratch using mostly recycled materials.
  21. Live according to permaculture principles (as much as possible).
  22. Develop a productive and self-maintaining garden that I can be proud to share with others.
  23. Start a family.
  24. Grow persimmons, avocados and figs.
  25. Unschool my (future) children. Give them experiences, not things.
  26. Let my family free range and learn from each other.
  27. Relinquish control.
  28. Be more open to change.
  29. Listen More. Without imparting judgement.
  30. Interrupt more (don’t let others speak over me!).
  31. Learn to knit. And actually do it!
  32. Be more social.
  33. Mix with people with opposite opinions and not be critical. Find common ground.
  34. Read everyday.
  35. Watch the sunrise or sunset every day. Occasionally both.
  36. Spend more time planning, preparing and cooking food.
  37. Grow and eat more diverse foods.
  38. Learn to cook really good Indian food!
  39. Learn to bake properly (no shortcuts).
  40. Start occasionally following recipes.
  41. Make raw brownies. Often.
  42. Start doing yoga on a regular basis.
  43. Meditate daily.
  44. Alkalise my diet.
  45. Walk more often. And for longer.
  46. Be more aware of my surroundings.
  47. Drink more tea.
  48. Drink less alcohol.
  49. Learn to grow mushrooms.
  50. Learn and practice aromatherapy.
  51. Wear less makeup.
  52. Be less cynical.
  53. Attend more conferences.
  54. Network.
  55. Find a good newspaper or news site to read on a regular basis.
  56. Stay more informed on current events. I used to be anal about this, but have let it slip recently.
  57. Start a local produce store, bookshop and gallery.
  58. Volunteer regularly.
  59. Teach. Informally and according to my beliefs.
  60. Write a book.
  61. Raise a family (the most important job of all).
  62. Live of the land as much as possible. And share this lifestyle with others.
  63. Keep my blog updated.
  64. Design a life with low overheads.
  65. Do freelance permaculture design.
  66. Barter, swap and utilise the gift economy before relying on the financial system.
  67. Find and utilise more fantastic mentors.
  68. Learn from experience.
  69. Sell my photos.
  70. Do a business course.
  71. Keep my first aid up to date.
  72. Commence further study.
  73. Undertake various jobs.
  74. Only say no to an opportunity if it is against my values or compromises my family situation.
  75. Don’t get upset or embarrassed when people define me based on my career or job choices.
  76. Practice holistic management.
  77. De clutter often and donate excess possessions to those in need.
  78. Plan regular date nights and adventures with my Fiancé.
  79. Catch up with old friends.
  80. Go on more day trips.
  81. Attend some cool music festivals.
  82. Go paragliding.
  83. Read books that challenge and contradict my ideals.
  84. Learn to mend clothes and everyday household items.
  85. Go camping more frequently.
  86. Look at the stars often.
  87. Host dinner parties.
  88. Watch the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Trilogies consecutively.
  89. Occasionally call friends and family rather than text.
  90. Learn to love winter. Go skiing.
  91. Accept help from others.
  92. Visit the tallest tree in the world.
  93. Use less plastic.
  94. Practice spontaneity.
  95. Start getting up earlier and at a regular time.
  96. Don’t conform.
  97. Love openly.
  98. Be contradictory.
  99. Read Tolstoy.
  100. Finish this list.




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