Photo Editing: Art or Deception?

I love photography; and I love art.

However, for many, it is not okay to blend the two mediums and photo editing is frequently seen as cheating.

For me, photo editing is fine as long as the edited photos are not being used to  hurt anyone or misrepresent the ‘truth’ (although truth is often seen as a subjective matter).

Generally, I try to avoid over editing photos which contain people as this may lead to the false representation of events.

When shooting macro subjects such as bees and flowers, it is generally acceptable (and effective) to crop the subject, enhance the backlight and sharpen the image.

In full disclosure, I also like to play around with tinted filters and other digital effects.

Although most of my photos are of natural subjects (mushrooms, trees, bees, landscapes etc) I love to blur the line between art and photography so as to show the beauty and intricacy of these subjects in a different light.

Here are some edits of photos I took earlier this year. Enjoy.



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