The Makings of Seeds4Change Farm

Recently my husband and I acquired our dream property. This is not to say that it is perfect. We went into debt to secure it (not ideal) and it requires a lot of work to transform it into our vision. But it is perfect for us.

And so begins the makings of Seeds4Change Farm.

At just over 15 acres in the Ovens Valley, North East Victoria, the property is part of the subdivision of a larger farm which was previously used to grow tobacco and more recently, graze livestock.

The property consists of a small brick veneer house, a substantial but aging cherry orchard, several chestnut trees, some old tobacco kilns, a run down pickers hut, a couple of small paddocks and a few acres of bush backing onto crown land.

Needless to say, this property presents various challenges and boundless opportunities and we are bursting with ideas and fantasies (some feasible, others not so much) regarding what to do with it.

We hope to transform the degraded and overworked property using permaculture principles to regenerate the landscape and provide access to healthy food and resources for ourselves and the wider community.

With our family set to expand in August with the arrival of our first baby, this is of particular importance to us. To provide a space that is as nurturing, healthy, safe and educational as possible. Our child will have the opportunity to roam, eat fresh fruit and vegetables, play outdoors; and learn about the land and its amazing functions and products. How cool is that!

At the moment we are in repair mode. Fixing fences, pruning and caring for neglected cherries, conditioning the soil and designing. Always designing and planning.

Eventually, we would like to have a small store where we can sell our produce, honey, eggs and other fresh goodies. We also hope to fix up the pickers hut as a farm stay or ecotourism option and provide an educational resource to the community as a demonstration site and though workshops.

Ultimately, we hope that this property will allow us to live in a way that is in tune with out values and ethics and provide us with food security, peace of mind, and endless happiness.

Here are some photos of the farm as it currently looks as well as a rough initial sketch of some of our plans . I will post further updates as things progress.



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