Seeds4Change Farm: A Photo Update


Over the last month Nathan and I have been busy popping down to the farm at every chance we’ve had.

We (and by that I mean mostly Nathan) have pruned and fertilized the cherry trees, fixed up some old fences and generally done a tidy up.

I have planted some broad beans and have been photographing, documenting and conceptualising plans  for the future.

In a couple of weeks we will move onto the farm full time, and then the real fun begins with the start up of our kitchen garden, the integration of chooks and much more to follow. I am beyond excited to see what will come when we can dedicate more of our time and attention to the place. Even though Nath will still be working, I will have free reign! (Whoo)

Although the cherries still look miserable, we have seen a significant improvement in their health over the last month. This is highly satisfying.

Here are some photos of what we have been doing throughout April.


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